Being a Wine-O is Now Mainstream

Let’s have a moment of silence for all those who like to judge us for enjoying that casual glass (bottle) of wine on a Monday (or Tuesday…or Wednesday…Or Thursday…Or Friday…) evening (or afternoon).  For they know not of stress relief and venting your slightly-tipsy problems to your roommate (…or cat).


Feel better? Me too.

Fellow wine loves rejoice!  Bath & Body Works has come out with a line of wine-inspired hand-soaps, shower gels, mists, lotions, wall flowers, candles…everything!  And it is just as wonderful as you’d imagine.  Being a Bath & Body Works candle-aholic and wine-o, I may or may not have squealed at joy when learning of their newest products.

It’s been a few weeks since I brought home quite the haul, and now I’ll share with you my newest favorites, and some that I wasn’t crazy about.

My “Buy In Bulk” Item:

Napa Valley Sunset Hand Soap

Napa Valley Sunset Soap
“A romantic blend of Napa Valley Plum, Vineyard Pomegranate & Golden Amber”

No, that’s not just a witty title.  I actually did go back and buy five more of this soap because I loved it that much, so I had to start off this post with a rant about how much I’m in love with it. I bought this scent and put it by my bathroom sink. when I got home from my haul.  Moments later, I found myself actually smelling my hands after washing them because the scent was so intoxicating!

-I’ll pause so you can laugh at that alcohol pun-

Moving on… I then washed my makeup brushes with it and it changed my morning routine!  The beautiful scent stays in my brushes between washes and makes my mornings so much more delicious.

Side note:  I did buy other soaps from the Vineyard Collection, but none made an impression.  I also grabbed some wallflowers and car candles, but I haven’t used enough to give a good review.  So all other reviews will be on 3-wick candles I purchased.

Black Cherry Merlot

Black cherry merlot
“Enjoy an exquisite California Merlot with velvety black cherry & a silky amber finish”

I am in awe how they manage to make these candles just just wonderfully pleasant, but actually remind me of wine!  This candle has a bit of a kick, almost a manly scent.  But it’s not too sweet, so it doesn’t make you want to gag when it’s burned in a small space.  I quite enjoy it, but it’s not one I would buy individually without being wine-associated.

Sundrenched Vineyard

sundrenched vineyard
“A full-bodied blend of rich fruit, white wine grapes & oak”

This candle surprised me.  I had used the hand soap before burning this and had already fell in love with it.  So when I went to burn this, I assumed it would be love.  I was a bit disappointed.  The nice worker at Bath & Body Works had warned me of this.  She said that some of the products with the same names had different scents.  This one is very spiced, and backed by quite a bit of sweet.  Not my favorite and not one I’d repurchase.

Sparkling Pear Riesling

sparkling pear
“A bright pairing of crisp Riesling grape & juicy California pears”

This is 100% a scent that I never would have picked out on my own.  I’m partial to citrus candles, and this one is light and sweet, with hints of pear and grape.  But it’s become one of my favorites!  I reach for this when I want something that’s light and happy and not too strong.

Harvest Gathering

harvest gathering
“Transport yourself to a hilltop winery during harvest with a blend of cinnamon leaves, crisp apple and a touch of tart cranberry”

Pardon me while I mourn…when searching for a photo of this I found out it’s no longer available from the Bath & Body Works website.  Believe me when I say I will be running to the store to see if I can get my hands on more of these.  This is my absolute favorite candle of the collection.  It smells like my favorite moments in life: drinking wine at home during Christmas.  It’s wonderfully spiced with touches of apple & cranberry.  It’s not sweet, fills the room beautifully and the scent stays like no other candle I’ve every experienced!

All candles other candles are still available on the Bath & Body Works website, and right now they’re running their 2 for $24 sale!  It saves  you almost half off the normal price of $22.50 and the best part is every candle after two is also only $12.

Thank goodness retails stores are starting to make being a wine-o perfectly acceptable.  Go stock up before they run out and have yourself a glass of wine while you enjoy your new favorite candles.


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