Baby’s first blog.

Hello there,

If you find yourself reading this, you’re either one of my wonderful friends who I’ve guilted into it, or you’ve gotten terribly lost searching for funny cat videos.  Either way, welcome!

I decided to start this blog because I came to the realization I have spent countless hours reading through my favorite beauty blogs and watching my favorite beauty Youtubers.  I have lost many days getting input from complete strangers on the mascara I have to have and the foundation that definitely isn’t worth the buzz.  I don’t believe I’ve made one beauty purchase on my own.  I always walk into Sephora with great advice from my fellow beauty addicts.

I also find that there may be 700 reviews of one lipstick, but each gives a different perspective.  I’m here to give the perspective of a sometimes fair, sometimes lightly tanned (thank you self-tanner!) red-head who loves to wear bright lipstick instead of a statement necklace.

I plan on giving my input on recent beauty purchases and items I’ve had for ages.  I will give the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Stay tuned!

Xoxo Gossip Girl…Just kidding.  Dan Humphrey would look stupid in lipstick.

Maggie xx


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